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Tow Campers vs. Truck Camper: 2024 Comparison

Tow Campers vs. Truck Camper: 2024 Comparison

When it comes to embarking on epic adventures and exploring the great outdoors, choosing the right mode of camping accommodation is essential. 

If you’re looking at upgrading your travel rig but aren’t sure which direction is best, we get it. The industry is saturated with every RV, trailer, and truck camper you could imagine. Truck campers have become more and more popular over the past decade, something we love to see over here at Four Wheel Campers. Here are some things to consider between a tow behind camper and a truck camper. 

Tow Campers vs. Truck Camper

1. Off-Grid Capability

Truck campers, toppers, and slide in campers are designed to be self-sufficient and handle rougher terrain better than a pull behind camper. This means you can camp in remote locations for extended periods without the need for electrical hookups or water sources. You have the freedom to choose your camping spot based on your preferences, not the availability of amenities.

Most pull-behind campers are more meant for established campgrounds and RV parks. They are designed more for convenience rather than off road capability. Both have their uses, but if you want to get out exploring much beyond the pavement, we’re team truck camper! 

2. Versatility

One of the most compelling arguments favoring truck campers is their versatility. These campers are designed to fit in the bed of a pickup truck, and this design opens up a world of possibilities for adventure seekers. Here at Four Wheel Campers, we offer a range of models, including flatbed truck campers, slide in truck campers, and pop up truck toppers that cater to different needs. Our lightest model, the Project M truck topper, only weighs 390 pounds. Our flatbed and slide in models still weigh less than typical pull behind trailers, starting at just over 1000 pounds. 

flatbed truck camper

3. Mobility

The mobility offered by truck campers is unmatched. Four Wheel Campers’ models are lightweight and designed for optimal weight distribution. This ensures that your truck’s handling and fuel efficiency are not significantly compromised. The low profile of these campers reduces wind resistance, making travel smoother and more economical.

If you’re worried about what set up looks like with a pop up truck topper, most of our users are able to park, unclip, and pop up their Four Wheel Camper in under 3 minutes. And unlike tow behind campers that require more stabilization, truck campers are ready to park and sleep just about anywhere! 

4. Compact Design

Four Wheel Campers’ truck campers are known for their compact design. They fit snugly in the bed of your truck, leaving the rest of the vehicle available for equipment and supplies. This compact design ensures that you don’t have to sacrifice the use of your truck for the sake of your camping adventure.

For those who love to engage in outdoor activities like hiking, biking, or fishing, having a truck camper means you can easily transport your gear while having a comfortable place to rest at night. It’s an ideal solution for adventurers who want to make the most of their trip without worrying about storage or towing limitations.

Overlanding camper

5. Cost-Efficiency

The maintenance of truck campers is generally simpler and less expensive compared to larger, more complex RVs. In addition to maintenance, the upfront cost is less than that of a tow behind camper. Our most basic model is our pop up truck topper, which starts at just $10,995. 

6. Customizability 

For many pull behind campers, what you buy is what you get. They are already pre-built and ready to hit the road the day you purchase it. Truck campers require a bit more time, often 3-5 months from the deposit date, but the reasoning makes it well worth the wait. Each truck camper is customized based on your truck model, style, and bed length. The camper starts as a shell model, and is completely customizable based on the needs and uses of each owner. Add ons often include a full off-grid solar panel setup, thermal packs, interior & exterior lights, and more. 

Tow Campers vs. Truck Camper

Tow Campers vs. Truck Camper: Conclusion

Okay, we might be a bit biased favoring truck campers, but every day we meet new Four Wheel Camper customers transitioning from pull behind campers to lightweight, more versatile truck campers. These campers allow owners to explore remote locations without restrictions, and their off-grid capabilities make extended adventures a reality. The cost-efficiency of truck campers also makes them a smart choice for those looking to make the most of their outdoor experiences without breaking the bank.

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