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Best Items to Have in Your Truck for Winter Travel

Best Items to Have in Your Truck for Winter Travel

‘Tis the season for icy roads, winter storms, and closed mountain passes! If you’re new to snow travel or this is your first season in your Four Wheel Camper, we’ve compiled a list of the best items to keep in your truck for winter travel. If we’ve learned anything traveling in the snow through the years, it’s to expect the unexpected, prepare for anything, and you can never have too much recovery gear in your rig. 

Best Items to Have in Your Truck Camper for Winter Travel 

1. Snow Chains 

Carrying snow chains and upgraded truck tires is critical for winter travel. Mountain passes and routes with blowing snow are especially susceptible to hazardous travel in the winter and can often be closed to vehicles without snow chains or 4×4. Out west, you’ll likely pass a few signs that say “chain up area ahead,” which means these areas frequently require snow chains in the winter, and without them, you could be stranded until the inclement weather passes. 

2. Shovel 

A collapsible shovel should be in every Four Wheel Camper and truck camper, and traveling in the winter is one of the biggest reasons why. If you get stuck or need traction, digging out around your tires will give you the best chance to get out and free without needing to call for backup. 

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3. Recovery Tow Rope 

If you frequently travel in the winter, you’ve likely seen a car in the ditch. Maybe a time or two, you’ve been the car in the ditch! Having a recovery tow rope can save you or another car from a hefty tow truck bill. A truck with a Four Wheel Camper on top also helps add weight to help pull other smaller cars or vehicles from ditches with ease. Another reason to get slide in campers and truck toppers!

4. Rechargeable Hand Warmers 

Rechargeable hand warmers are incredibly useful in the winter and create much less waste than typical one-time-use hand warmers. If you need to dig out or set up your flatbed, slide in, or Project M truck camper in the snow, you will be glad to have these each time! And you can recharge them each night in your camper. If you are looking for practical gift ideas this holiday season, this makes a great stocking stuffer or gift! 

5. Gloves 

Gloves are handy in your truck or slide-in camper for a wide variety of reasons! They make all the difference on those cold mornings, scraping off the stubborn ice struck to the windshield. They are also perfect for hopping into your slide-in or truck camper mid-day to retrieve some gear or unload from the day. If you or someone else gets stuck during the winter and you need to shovel or set a tow, the gloves will be one of the most essential items! 

6. Bag of Sand 

A bag of sand can help with traction if you end up in an icy predicament. We prefer sand over salt or kitty litter, as sand is 100% natural and provides the same traction result as the alternative options. 

7. Sleeping Bag/Blanket 

This should be easy to remember, as you’ll likely already have it in your 4×4 truck camper! You can never have too many layers or blankets in your truck during the winter, and they make traveling much safer if you get caught in a backup, ditch, or find yourself on an unexpected overnight winter camping trip. 

8. Ice Scraper

For anyone who lives in an area that can dip below freezing, an ice scraper is a must! They are cheap and can be picked up at many gas stations, grocery stores, and department stores. Many are double-sided, with one side that scrapes off the ice and the other that brushes off the snow. We recommend buying one that is long or has the ability to extend, so you can also brush snow piled up on the top of your flatbed or slide in truck camper. 

9. Traction Mats 

If you overland or use your 4×4 camper often, chances are you already have this piece of equipment. Traction mats can make getting stuck in the winter much less complex and annoying. Place them directly under stuck tires to provide the traction needed to get unstuck and on your way in no time. If you have exterior gear track on your slide-in camper or truck topper, traction mats can be attached directly to the outside of your camper, saving space inside. 

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