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<strong>Five Best Accessories For Your Four Wheel Camper</strong>

Five Best Accessories For Your Four Wheel Camper

If you ask us, the toughest part about buying a Four Wheel Camper isn’t deciding that you will buy one; it’s deciding precisely what to add to it! After all, we know our ‘accessories’ list is quite extensive. 

Over time, we’ve garnered responses from our Four Wheel Camper community about what add-ons they appreciate the most and what ones they say are a must when building our your custom truck camper. 

1. Thermal Pack

If you will ever camp in temperatures below 45 degrees or hotter than 85 degrees, our thermal pack is one of our most popular camping add-ons. In the past few months, we’ve announced our newest and most upgraded thermal pack, a quilted 3-layer thermal pack for extra insulation and protection from the elements. In addition to keeping your camper warmer or cooler, depending on the weather, the thermal pack has an unexpected additional perk: blocking out additional light.

2. Two Fans

Almost anyone with a Four Wheel Camper agrees that two fans are better than one. If you plan to get a fan for your truck camper, get two. The extra ventilation and airflow make all the difference, especially when camping in hot weather. If you are on the fence about getting a fan at all, we have to say it’s one of the more affordable add-ons that makes a world of difference. When you use the camper for the first time after insulation, you’ll understand why! 

3. 250w Roof Mounted Solar Panels

If you plan to take extended camping trips for more than a couple of nights, the 250w roof-mounted solar panel package is a fantastic add-on that can significantly reduce stress and worries on the road. The mounted solar package also includes wiring for truck charging, which means you will be more than set for power sources on the road. This package is a must for full-timers who plan to work remotely and/or stay in one spot for multiple nights. External battery solutions are often suitable for short trips but are not sustainable for longer journeys and can cause major stress when finding solutions to recharge. 

4. Exterior Gear Tracks

Whether you have goals of attaching an exterior shower or need the space for extra fuel tanks, the exterior gear tracks are one of the most used add-ons in the Four Wheel Camper community. The tracks provide extremely beneficial exterior storage space for a wide range of equipment, including traction mats, shovels, axes, showers, fuel tanks, recovery kits, toolboxes, and more. 

5. Rear Flood Lights   

Often overlooked but something that comes in handy more often than one would expect, the rear flood lights are one of our biggest recommendations internally at Four Wheel Campers. Many skip this add-on while building out their truck camper, only to regret that decision down the road. It’s easy to think that rear flood lights aren’t incredibly necessary due to phone lights, flashlights, and headlamps, but there are many instances where a more powerful and sedentary light makes a world of difference in the darkness of night. 

truck topper shell

Five Best Add-Ons For Your Four Wheel Camper

If you already have a Four Wheel Camper, what would be your biggest add-on recommendation? If there is something you didn’t add on but wish you would have, what would it be?
If you are in the process of building your Four Wheel Camper, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask a representative questions. Describe what you’ll be using your camper for, what the terrain will be, what’s important to you, etc., and our team will help narrow down and provide insight into what accessories are worth the upgrade to your truck camper. Contact us here.

pickup camper setup
pickup camper overlooking the forest 

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