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Highlights From The 2023 Four Wheel Campers Owners Rally

Highlights From The 2023 Four Wheel Campers Owners Rally

By Sarah Daniels


The scenic landscapes of Anza Borrego State Park became the backdrop for adventure enthusiasts and camping aficionados at the Four Wheel Campers 2023 Owners Rally. This annual gathering brought together a community of like-minded individuals, all sharing a passion for exploration and the freedom that comes with life on the road.

The Gathering of Adventurers:

The event kicked off with a warm welcome to the Four Wheel Campers community. Campers from various corners of the country converged in Anza Borrego, creating a diverse tapestry of experiences and stories. Attendees ranged from seasoned full-time nomads with years of overlanding under their belts to newcomers eager to learn and share in the camaraderie.

Camper Tours:

A standout feature of the rally was the engaging camper tours where several camper owners took part. The variety was striking, with an array of trucks, unique configurations, and pop-up truck camper models that reflected the distinct personalities of their owners. Exploring each setup was a joy, as attendees had the chance to learn about the personalization, hear stories about the diverse locations visited, and gain insights into the future plans of these avid adventurers. A few of the tours involved campers from the early 80’s which is a huge testament to the build quality of Four Wheel Campers. 

Educational Workshops:

The rally wasn’t just about showcasing campers; it was also an educational opportunity for attendees. Workshop topics covered overlanding in Baja and fireside cooking. Overlanding in Baja was presented by MAK and Owen of one of our all-time favorite YouTube channels, Bound For Nowhere. They covered everything from crossing the border to buying food and gasoline in Baja. These two also touched on the friendly and resourceful culture in Baja and ended things with an informational Q&A with the audience. 

Tammy P and Nate A took center stage next and provided an exceptional workshop that covered outdoor cooking with an Omnia oven. This workshop was wonderful for those with a knack for turning campsite meals into culinary masterpieces. This class was a crowd pleaser as it ended with a taste for everyone in the crowd.

Community Bonding Around the Campfire:

Evenings at the rally were marked by the warmth of campfires and the exchange of stories. Attendees gathered to share their travel tales, camping tips, and favorite destinations. The sense of camaraderie throughout the event reinforced the idea that the Four Wheel Campers community is not just about vehicles and pop-up truck campers; it’s about building lasting connections with fellow adventurers.


The Four Wheel Campers 2023 Owners Rally in Anza Borrego State Park was more than an event; it was a celebration of a lifestyle centered around exploration, community, and the joy of the journey. Thank you to everyone who joined us for the rally. We’ll see you down the trail!

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