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A west coast Adventure – The Adventure Portal

A west coast Adventure – The Adventure Portal

What happens when two very active people meet, fall in love, get married and make the choice to leave traditional home-based life behind to live on the road? They build an adventure rig that reflects their very active and dare I say it, ‘adventurous’ lifestyle. We purchased a 2018 Tundra (used), removed the bed and bolted a Norweld aluminum flatbed tray in its place as our solid foundation. The tray resembles a supersized swiss army knife. Next we added a 2.5-inch Dobinson’s lift and propped it up on 35’s, Firestone airbags and threw an ARB cow-catcher (think Mexico/Baja rock climbing/surf trips) on the front as our bumper.

west coast Adventure

What do you put on this badass platform that would be capable of withstanding all the abuse we would be putting it through? Well, we looked long and hard and found only one choice:hands down it had to be a FourWheel Pop-UpCamper(FWC), flatbed Hawk model to be exact. With practical storage everywhere, (and I mean everywhere) we play Tetris with food, clothes, surfboards and climbing gear (let me tell you, that’s a lot right there). All living essentials packed neatly, most of the time, into their rightful homes.

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