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One Week In A Four Wheel Pop Up Camper – Bucket Magazine

One Week In A Four Wheel Pop Up Camper – Bucket Magazine

The  open road. Nothing compares to that feeling of freedom when the windows are down and there is only open road in front of you. I love plotting out my route: finding the best parks to hit up, places to camp, obscure historical spots to visit, and a few hot springs to soak in. Usually, a road trip with me requires packing the car with all of the camping gear: tent, sleeping bags, cooking gear, sleeping pad, cooler, etc.—the whole shebang. So if  I’ve left enough room for the passengers I’ve done a good job. Even with all of the work that goes into a camping road trip, I’d never considered RV camping.

I really enjoy pitching my tent, and the RV community never really resonated with me. So when campervans came into style, I admittedly grouped them right in with RVs. That’s why, when I tested out a Four Wheel Pop Up Camper for a recent trip to Joshua Tree, I was surprised when I fell in love with it. I admit it; I’m a convert. And if you’re an adventure-lover like me, the Four Wheel camper is something you want to check out as well. The campers are available to rent. But be warned; after you try one, you’re likely going to want to buy one for yourself

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