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Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks – Truck Camper Magazine

Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks – Truck Camper Magazine

“Dad, what’s this?” My daughter, Lilly, questioned.

“It’s our home for the next week or so.” I replied.

Lilly, her friend Eva, and I stood in front of Four Wheel Camper’s (FWC) headquarters in Woodland, California. Not only were we standing but staring, maybe even gawking, at the beautiful truck and camper combination that we would experience for the next nine days. We couldn’t wait!

My family spends countless days exploring the western United States, always searching for adventures along the way. For camping, we have used numerous ground tents and a few roof top tents. At times, we even camped outside on cots.

However, never had we experienced a camper with all the “at home goodies” mounted on a truck that would allow us to explore places far off-the-beaten-path. So, when Dan Welty, Vice President of Four Wheel Campers, asked me to test one of their camper models, I seized the opportunity.

“What’s this switch for?” I asked Stan Kennedy, head of marketing for FWC.

“Oh, that’s for the LED lights outside,” he replied. Stan was in the process of showing us the ins and outs of the Hawk model camper. Sure enough, the camper included all the bells and whistles that one would need while exploring the United States, Canada and the World.

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