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Off-Grid Truck Campers: How to Prep Your Four Wheel Camper 

Off-Grid Truck Campers: How to Prep Your Four Wheel Camper 

Many Four Wheel Camper owners choose our slide-in, flatbed, or pop-up truck toppers because of the ability to customize the build and make it 100% off-grid. More than ever, people are eager to get away from it all and camp remotely, without access to electrical hookups, water, or even bathrooms. It’s something we love to see! 

When prepping to buy an off-grid truck camper, there are many small add-ons and accessories to safely and comfortably navigate off-grid living. Whether you already have your Four Wheel Camper & are looking to add accessories or you are currently planning to custom build your slide-in camper or flatbed camper, here are some of our biggest suggestions when it comes to prepping your off-grid truck camper. 

pop up truck camper

1. Solar Power 

Solar is probably the most vital add-on to your Four Wheel Camper that makes it off-grid ready. When ordering your pop-up truck camper from our website, you can choose to add a solar package to your build so it is installed and ready for anything. If you already have your truck camper and are considering installing solar, do it. It is the key to many other successful aspects of off-grid living. 

All our solar installs are also wired to the truck. That means your camper battery will charge two ways: when the truck is running & via solar. Our batteries typically last for 3-4 days on a full battery without needing to recharge, so you can enjoy off-grid living for days without worry! 

2. Lights 

No one wants to be camping off-grid in the truck camper and relying on a headlamp. Building out lights in your truck camper build will make life in remote areas much easier and much more comfortable. We recommend gearing up both the interior and exterior of your truck campers, with floodlights in the back and interior ceiling lights inside. 

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3. Refrigerator 

Sometimes the small details bring the most comfort to your pop-up camper. Time and time again, owners of Four Wheel Campers mention how much of a difference having a refrigerator in their rig makes, and we couldn’t agree more! Much like solar power, a refrigerator can come ready and installed in a Four Wheel Camper. Built-out slide-in and flatbed campers from FWC automatically come with a refrigerator installed. If you bought your camper as a shell or if you own a Project M truck topper, then it can be added on or you can find your own on Amazon. There are numerous options out there for off-grid truck camper refrigerators, all of which will connect directly to your solar-powered battery. 

4. Bathroom Solutions 

Bathroom & shower needs are always an interesting topic when it comes to living off the grid in a truck camper and there are many unique solutions out there. 

Many FWC owners install a composting toilet. There are many options out there – the most popular being the Thetford Porta Potti, which you can purchase on our website here. If a compostable toilet seems a bit much, fear not! The Cleanwaste portable toilet with waste bags is a small and simple solution. This toilet folds to be the size of a briefcase and can be easily moved anywhere when camping. 

Shower solutions are just as versatile – some owners choose not to add a shower into their rig kit at all, while others deem it as one of their most loved accessories to their off-road truck camper setup. Solar showers are a simple and easy solution that many make work off-grid. Many love the idea of pressurized showers, which can also be installed on the exterior gear tracks of your truck camper. 

5. Inverter 
With your solar truck setup, you’ll also want an inverter. Inverters regulate the electrical current from your battery to shift the electrical currents from DC to AC. DC (Direct Current) is the type of current that occurs from solar or battery power, while AC (Alternating Current) is the standard power current used in the United States. For example, if you plan to plug in your laptop to your truck battery, you will want to use the inverter to ensure the current is regulated. In Four Wheel Campers, AC outlets only work when connected to shore power. The only exception is that Inverters can be added to flatbeds with at least (3) 135Ah batteries.

6. Camping Stove 

Whether you have a stovetop installed in your slide-in truck camper or have your own stove setup, this is another off-grid accessory that you’ll love in the backcountry. There’s nothing quite like a hot, home-cooked meal miles away from home. A stove comes included in all build-outs of our slide-in campers and flatbed campers. If you have a shell version or the Project M, there are many different types of camping stoves, from small, portable options like the Jetboil, the Coleman Cascade two-burner stove

7. 10-gallon Water Storage
Whether two 5-gallon water jugs or one 10-gallon jug, water storage is incredibly important when off-grid living. Before heading out into remote, desolate, areas for camping, ensure you have enough water for the duration of your trip. In many places in the United States, freshwater can be scarce, especially in desert environments. All Four Wheel Campers that come full built already have 20-gallons of water storage – bonus!

It is also recommended to have a backup water purification system in your truck camper. This can be anything from a Lifestraw to water purifying tablets or a LARQ purifying water bottle. Water is perhaps the most obvious, but also the most important item for successful off-grid living.

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