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Moby Dick Resilience, Nimble as Nemo

One school of thought is to go with an RV or trailer. However, if you are like our customers you will agree the quest for awesome places is rarely found via asphalt. With most conventional vehicles, traveling on BLM land, washed out fire roads, or more daunting terrain, is akin to going upstream without a paddle.

However, if you have a truck and want to access and settle in at remote streams and lakes, you’ll cast much further with our Four Wheel Pop-up Truck Campers. We offer simple to fully loaded slide-in or flat-bed camper models designed to fit your truck.

Heck or High Water

With our “Overlanding” DNA, Four Wheel Campers are built to go about anywhere and under or over anything. As opposed to fragile and heavy wood frames, we use rugged and moisture resistant welded aluminum frames. To keep you out of deep water we use a one-piece (no leaky seams) aluminum roof.

To reduce surprises when you are on your travels, campers are designed with as much manual operation as possible. Our designs and materials have been tested by thousands of customers over many decades.  Bottom line, wherever your truck can go, so can the Four Wheel Camper.

Boat Fishing Clear Lake Four Wheel Popup Camper

Tow Your Boat

Now or in the future you may have a boat. An age-old dilemma is that pulling a boat prevents using a camping trailer. We suggest you go for a truck camper for your lodging and leave the hitch for the boat. Problem solved!

Stealth/Low Profile

Whether you are navigating the mall, your side yard, or the backwoods, keeping your rig as low as possible is key. Our campers fit low and tight on your truck. The result is a nimble ride in the wide open or in tight spaces, lower truck and driver strain, and reduced fuel consumption.

Creature Comforts

It is great to be out in the wild, and having some comforts can lengthen the trip and make it more enjoyable. Our truck campers come with optional queen or king beds, furnaces, fridges, stoves, and sinks.

To keep it humming we offer a state-of-the-art 160 watt solar system. 

Truck & Camper

To match trucks and camper models refer to our homepage truck to camper model matching. We can also help evaluate whether your truck requires upgraded suspension work, and discuss the options. Depending upon your location we may also be able perform the suspension work at the same time you pick up your camper.

Tundra Boat Four Wheel Camper Fishing

Fishermen Campers

Over the years, fishermen have accounted for many of our customers. To offer them more value, we continually listen and make refinements and additions based on their input. We are confident we can deliver a product that will enhance your travel and fishing experience as well.

Please give us a call as we surely don’t want you to be the one that got away! We’re here to assist with your questions and provide further details.


Our factory locations in California will be closed for a 3-day weekend May 28th – 30th (In observance of the Memorial Day Weekend).



Get ready for another exciting show season. We’ll be “popping up” at different events all over the West Coast this Spring with our campers on display for you to see up close & in person. Check out our “SHOW DATES” page for dates and locations.




We are now completely moved into our new factory. Our new factory & camper showroom address is . . . Four Wheel Campers, 1400 Churchill Downs Avenue, Suite A, Woodland, CA 95776. We invite you to come see our new digs!


This has been our busiest year in the history of our company (50 years). New camper orders are out pacing our production capabilities. Unfortunately this has resulted in historically long lead times. We encourage you to connect with your nearest dealer so that you can discover what their order schedule looks like, and when possibly to place your new camper order to meet your 2022/2023 trip needs.


Here’s to your future trips and adventures, and thank you for considering us to ride along with you!


Team Four Wheel Campers