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Skiing & Snowboarding

Skiing & Snowboarding

Lodge in a Four Wheel Camper
Save Your Bucks for More Ski Days!

From Jackson Hole to Taos, and Lake Tahoe to Stowe, more skiers are using their Four Wheel Camper as their base camp. After a fun and tiring day on the slopes, our customers head for a warm place to cook up some dinner, hang out, enjoy a beverage, and crash in a comfortable queen or king size bed. Many also tell us they prefer the “outside” environment over a motel room…and they can get to and from the mountain faster than Mikaela Shiffrin in a GS race.

The Heat Is On

The cool thing is that heat is not a problem. Our Thermal Pack and furnace keep the camper toasty warm, even with temperatures well below freezing. The Thermal Pack is an additional, removable interior thermal layer affixed to the marine grade collapsible liner. The propane furnace quickly delivers plenty of heat.

Easy on You, Easy on Your Truck

The lightweight, aluminum framed, low-profile design enables your truck to deftly slalom those twisties getting to the ski hill. With a short cab over camper height and tight center of gravity the rig performs better than RV’s and hard-sided campers in windy weather.

More Mountain Time

You’ll be cruising down the highway and forgetting you have a camper on your truck. Once you arrive, you’ll manually pop up the roof and pull out the bed in less than two minutes. When it’s time to head for home you’ll only need a couple minutes to lower the one piece aluminum roof.

Dude, Where’s My Skis/Board?

You can store your skis and boards inside the camper, on our optional installed Yakima roof-rack system.

Head Space

Surprisingly, once the camper roof is popped up, you have a fair amount of space. The roof height is 6’ 4” or 6’ 6” and the beds are queen and king size. There is storage, seating, and counter tops to help you organize and make your self comfortable.

Helping You Make It Through the Night

After you’ve enjoyed your hot tea (or your beverage of choice), you may be glad you selected from one of three varied toilet options. And don’t forget you’ll be snoozing in a large comfortable bed.

Ain’t No Yardsale Whether you have one of our slide-in or flat-bed style campers, it will keep it together over the most rugged terrain. Designed and built for overlanding and adventure types, wherever your truck goes your camper will easily make the trip – with everything intact.

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